We invest in the future!
Early-stage venture investments in IT and Crypto projects

About itVenture

itVenture is a venture investment fund specializing in IT projects. We are looking for talented teams with early and seed stage projects with the potential to scale globally.

Our main advantages:

  • Team with 10 years of venture experience
  • Formed fund with a frontier of 5 years
  • Estimated portfolio volume — 50 projects
  • Support in building an investment incentive and scaling of business
  • Technological and marketing expertise
  • Rapid assessment and decision making on investment transactions


ItVenture investment focus — these are IT projects with a deep technological background and international potential. The fund's model assumes a rapid growth in the capitalization of successful projects and actively builds investment verticals.

  • Apps & Services

    Applications and services that improve lives and solve consumer problems

  • Crypto

    Projects specializing in Crypto and Blockchain

  • Healthcare

    Projects aimed to solve problems to improve the health and well-being of the consumer

  • AI / Data / ML

    Applied projects in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence

  • Social

    Networking and solving consumer interaction problems

  • E-commerce

    Projects specializing in solutions for automation and increasing the efficiency of e-commerce

  • IoT

    Solving problems on the interaction of devices and systems

  • Enterprise

    Corporate B2B services with the ability to scale globally

We are investing in the future!
Early-stage venture investments in IT projects


We have helped bring various startups and projects in the field of information technology to the market over the past 2 years.

Our company is able to provide high-quality information and financial support in various business segments thanks to the accumulated experience and knowledge.

Send us an application for consideration of your project.

  • yallamarket

    NFiT - smart fitness assistant with artificial intelligence WEB 3.0 Move2Earn App

  • yallamarket

    Muncher - dark kitchen operator in Latin America

  • yallamarket

    Hyperlocal grocery delivery service in 15 minutes in the UAE

  • GetFoodie

    Grocery delivery service from 30 minutes in Germany

  • Cabinet.fm

    Service for recording online meetings in Zoom and Google Calendar

  • momeditation

    A mobile application for meditation and normalization of sleep patterns

  • Emovi

    Mobile app with movie recommendations by Emoji

Our team

Our team consists of specialists with more than 10 years of experience in venture investments

  • Managing Partner
    Dmitry Firsov
  • Partner
    Pavel Sazontev
  • Head of Legal
    Nikita Stroganov
  • Head of Economic Planning
    Yaroslav Akincev
  • Senior Analyst
    Maria Ivakhina
  • Analyst
    Mark Lukyanov
  • Head of Analytics
    Grigori Senin

Contacts itVenture


2 Rue des Dahlias, 1411 Luxembourg

If your project fits our investment focus, we are ready to consider it. Contact us using the application form, attaching a presentation and financial model. Or write an email.

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